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IIRA (Interactive Intellectual Room Assistance) which is a Business to Business (B2B) customer-service-based guest room software that helps the client lower their utility expenses via building automation solutions as well as improve customer satisfaction by affording their customers total control of the room’s environment from their phone. IIRA hosts benefits for a variety of consumers ranging from business travelers, luxury vacationers, and even students as well. For our clients’ guests, IIRA will enable accessibility to adjust lighting, temperature, unlocking doors, and much more. The software integrates with it’s host’s existing systems for instant and frequent updates between customer and host. Serving as the guest’s personal assistant, IIRA can help organize the busiest person’s day.


Being a leader in the hospitality industry, your chain should be notable for outstanding room quality and customer service. The goal is to be the Preeminent Global Hospitality Company – the first choice of guests, delivering exceptional guest experiences and being leaders in your industry and in your communities. InfinityCo LLC believes our product will help you achieve the mission by enhancing the quality of comfort and convenience to the customer’s stay while providing next level luxury and revolutionizing the hospitality industry.

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Improve customer satisfaction

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With the added savings, you can then maximize profit.

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Utilizing our software will minimize unneeded expenses.

Exceptional experiences

Create exceptional customer experience

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"Great concept and group of young people working hard to enhance the hospitality experience as we know it."
Richard GarrettMontgomery County City Councilman
"Their Customer service is impeccable. I highly recommend this company and these young men who has developed this revolutionary product."
Charslie HandOwner & Operator Riverview Inn